Wear Your Identity With Pride


Founded by local entrepreneur, Brown Pride Clothing is a project geared towards
uplifting the multifaceted identities of South Africa’s Coloured Community. As a marginalized
group, with a turbulent history, the ‘brown’ indigenous people of this nation symbolize resilience
and cultural richness like no other. Brown Pride is all about positivity and reclaiming Coloured
Culture in all its wondrous glory.

This project is aimed at changing the prevailing narrative – the Coloured community is more than
just what meets the eye. Despite social and economic challenges, we strive beyond
stereotypical constructs and embrace our differences with pride – wearing the the ‘My Culture’
slogan with confidence and positive affirmation.

Brown Pride Clothing manufactures quality apparel that speaks of authenticity and cultural
heritage. We are committed to fostering a sense of belonging, celebrating the unique stories
and backgrounds of each individual who wears our garments.

Our core values are underpinned by:

Chef Keanon Michaels

Keanon Michaels: a hard-working, vibrant young chef who has dedicated his life and craft to paying it forward,
and giving back to the community by getting involved in various programs, like the School of Skills.
Michaels is committed to teaching the youth that anything is possible,
and that where you come from and your current circumstances should never determine
the outcome of your future – you are worthy of achieving any goal you put your mind to.

Chelsea Goliath

Her personal story of drive, commitment and
the determination was a no-brainer to have her
onboard and of course, her poetry is out of this
world, her poetry is so deep it makes your hair
stand on end, speaking on positivity but also the
the reality of being a colored person.

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